SKF offers new battery-driven grease gun

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SKF offers new battery-driven grease gun

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2015 October 27, 10:00 CEST

Gothenburg, 27 October 2015:  SKF today announces the introduction of a new battery-driven grease gun, the TLGB 20. Developed to maximize efficiency, this unique tool includes an integrated grease meter to help prevent over- and under-lubrication.

Suitable for a variety of manual lubrication tasks, the SKF Battery-Driven Grease Gun TLGB 20 is optimised for use in lubricating bearings and machines in industrial and manufacturing environments, as well as agricultural and construction vehicles.

The TLGB 20 grease gun features a durable, ergonomic design with a three-point stand for operator comfort and convenience and a 20-volt, lithium-ion battery for longer service life. The tool’s display indicates battery charge level, amount of grease dispensed, pump/motor speed and blocked lubrication points.

Dispensing up to 15 grease cartridges per battery charge, this versatile grease gun provides two flow rates, enabling application-specific adjustments. In addition, it can deliver pressures up to 700 bar (10,000 psi) and features a built-in light to illuminate the work area.

The grease gun is supplied in a sturdy carrying case with a 900 mm (36-inch), high-pressure hose, rechargeable 20-volt battery and 90-minute charger.

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