Mission, Values and Goals

Mission, Values and Goals

The philosophy that encompasses the organization of  Pantelis K. Donoupoglou S.A.  is based in two fixed goals:

(a) Regarding the products, they are to be of perfect quality, availability and finally to a variety of options for the customer, and

(b) Regarding the Customer, the company focuses on excellent customer service, supported by a well-trained and always willing to help staff.

Our main aim is to develop a distribution network in the Balkans and Cyprus, as well as the continuous product range expansion with reliable products in automotive spare parts and tools. Our strategy has been our most important driver for success; keeping our leading position in the Power Transmission spare parts industry and playing a prominent role in the automotive aftermarket sector.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct highlights how we apply our core values – High ethics, Empowerment, Openness and Teamwork – across four areas of responsibility;

• To our customers, distributors and suppliers
• To our employees
• To society
• To our shareholders

Our responsibility towards customers, distributors and suppliers encompasses issues such as business ethics, free and fair trade and ethical behaviour in respect of competition. It also provides clear guidelines on how we should apply transparency and openness.

With regard to our employees, the Code of Conduct covers key issues in respect of health and safety standards as well as how diversity, equality and labour laws should express themselves across our organization, according the International Labor Organization, the Charter of Human Rights and the European legislation.

The environment, sustainable development, community relations and other defining social consequences of our operations are clearly charted in the Code of Conduct’s section on our responsibility to society.

Finally, the Code of Conduct focuses on our shareholders and how we must ensure they are well informed and how we comply with the legal requirements. This section also provides clear information on our policy regarding maintaining an unbiased political position.

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