Driveline components

The complete line of SKF driveline components for cars provides broad market coverage for various applications in the aftermarket. Designed and manufactured using high quality material, SKF driveline components embody world-class technology to reduce overall friction and maintain smooth operation. The product line covers a range of applications that transmits the power from the engine to the wheel end., such as transmission, driveshafts and constant velocity joints.

Additionally, the SKF kit concept provides complete repair solutions for various applications – all in one convenient box.

CV-Joint kit

30 years of manufacturing experience in CV-Joints

Getting stranded at the side of the road is a driver’s worst nightmare.

Excessive noise and vibration could be due to the fitting of worn or inferior quality CV-Joints, resulting in a reduced service life and even sudden failure. There are no such worries with SKF CV-Joint kits, designed and manufactured to precise OE standards.

Kit content:
  • CV-Joint
  • Boot and clamps
  • Additional components such as circlips, assembled dust covers, washers and spacers
  • Wheel nut or wheel bolt for ensuring car safety
  • Grease bags
  • Fitting instructions


Driveshaft kit

SKF, your reliable one-stop shop for driveline solutions.

Driveshafts transfer the power to the wheels. A failure could literally stop you in your tracks, as well as compromise safety through the loss of beneficial effects of engine braking. SKF driveshaft kits come complete with all the components needed for a reliable repair, all in one convenient box. Each kit includes a pre-assembled driveshaft, inner and outer CV-Joints, boots, clamps, nuts and grease.

Boot kit

SKF, your reliable one-stop shop for driveline solutions.

Boots are a critical component to the driveline of a vehicle.
Take advantage of SKF complete range of boot kits:

  • universal boot kits that fit most passenger cars (VKJP 01001/01000) and light commercial vehicles (VKJP 01003).
  • specific boot kits, that include boot, clamps, nut/bolt, grease and all the additional components needed for a complete repair.
  • steering boot kits – universal and specific – equipped with clamps in line with OE specifications for improved reliability and performance.
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