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Knowledge gets noticed

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Apple makes an example of SKF mobility

The Internet of Things, Internet of Anything or Industrial Internet. Call it what you will, the principle is the same: building a web of connectivity where machines, people and systems achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency. Its potential is just beginning to be understood, but some predict this could have a profound impact on the way we all live and work. 

SKF is already busy contributing to that infrastructure, applying the power of mobility and industrial data analysis in its own operations and as a service available to customers. SKF creates its own apps and has distributed more than 10,000 iPad and iPhones company-wide. And it is providing customers with new calculation, measurement and revolutionary functional mobile solutions that simplify and speed their work, and save them money. 

In August 2014, Apple made a series of films highlighting SKF work in mobility, especially in app development and with Apple products. But they also looked closer at the SKF approach to mobility in general, and showcased some of the innovative ways the company is applying mobility technology in its own operations and for the benefit of its customers. 

If you haven’t already, see what Apple sees in SKF

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