New Alfa Romeo Giulia rolls on SKF hub bearing units

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New Alfa Romeo Giulia rolls on SKF hub bearing units

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SKF supplies wheel hub bearing units for FCA’s newly launched Alfa Romeo Giulia

Gothenburg, Sweden, 27 September 2016: The SKF HBU3 units selected for the FCA’s recently launched Alfa Romeo Giulia offer a range of compelling advantages over conventional wheel bearing designs. These include faster, more straightforward assembly and a longer service life. Bearing preload is set during the manufacture of the units, minimizing clearance and guaranteeing exceptionally low levels of noise and vibration.

Beyond improved reliability, drivers will benefit from improved ride and handling, especially in corners, thanks to the high stiffness imparted by SKF’s HBU3 raceway geometry.

Stephane Le Mounier, President, SKF Automotive Market, says, “FCA is a strategic partner for SKF and we are proud to be a supplier for their new Giorgio platform, to which Alfa Romeo now will launch a series of car models. The SKF wheel bearings have been designed to support the offered driving pleasure with the new Giulia. Our long and close cooperation has a strong foundation to where we build value together for the car owners. We do it with a focus to reduce friction and weight for minimizing the impact on the environment. Sustainability is a strong driver for both our companies.”

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